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By About.com on 90

At an MSRP of $6,995 the DreamVision Starlight1 1080p LCOS Video Projector (utilizing JVC's D-ILA platform) bucks the trend towards inexpensive 1080p video projectors, but is definitely worth the extra cash, if you have the budget. Its 3 LCOS chips,...

By Home Theater on

The StarLight1 commands a premium above the $5,500 price of the equivalent JVC projector. This cant be ignored. DreamVisions $650 lamp replacement cost also seems rather steep. But only you can decide if the StarLight1s upscale...

By Sound and Vision Magazine on

What I like best about the DreamVision Starlight2 LCoS projector is that it’s hard to get anything less than a really, really good picture out of it. Just turn it on and you’ll see pictures with amazing contrast — with or without...

By Home Theater HiFi on

Dream Vision, an emerging brand in America, has been developing and marketing high-end models in Europe since 1996. In 1999, they became available on this side of the Atlantic when they introduced, with the help of Audio Plus Services, the world’s...