• Hyperkin PS3 REMOTEXT
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  • The Remotext is grippy and can’t easily slide in the hand, the keyboard contains every key you may want to press, the battery is rechargable, has no performance issues in term of button responsiveness


  • Keyboard is cramped, awkward gamepad button placement, analog nubs are very small, can’t turn PS3 on, feels very cheap, Overall: The Hyperkin PS3 Remotext is not the all-in-one PS3 accessory you’re looking for.The PS3 Remotext is a device that

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By Gamers Daily News on 80

Let’s face it, until our TVs are massive touch screens or we all have extra keyboards lying around to plug into our Playstation 3 consoles, typing on them is a pain in the butt. Well, Hyperkin is hoping they have the answer to that problem and,...

By GamerTell on

The PS3 Remotext is a device that is designed to be a solution for the multiple input methods the PS3 supports. This controller can be used to play games, control media and handle typing tasks with its slide-out keyboard. For $29.99, the Remotext is...