Buffalo WHR-HP-GN N-Technology Wireless-N 150

  • Buffalo WHR-HP-GN N-Technology Wireless-N 150
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  • The Buffalo Wireless N150 includes a VPN server and a twoyear limited warranty.
  • Decent management interface. A lot of security features.


  • Singlestream 802.11n technology is insufficient for highdefinition video or internet phone.
  • No USB connectivity. No support for 5-GHz band.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Macworld UK on 80

The appearance of Buffalo’s N150 is rather odd, since the device is incredibly compact, yet a single giant antenna protrudes from the top, which is almost as tall as the router itself. The inclusion of only a single antenna is uncommon, as adding an...

By PC Advisor on 70

While the N150’s performance didn’t blow us away, it’s still adequate, and a lot better than what 802.11g wireless networks can manage. If the few extras it has over other budget routers are of use to you, this may be worth considering over the...

By TopTenREVIEWS on 75

The Buffalo Wireless N150 is a praiseworthy home wireless router for...

By PCMag Mideast on 80

Positioned as an entry level router made for small businesses and home offices, the Buffalo N-Technology Wireless-N 150 High Power Router and Access Point WHR-HP-GN is a powerful wired and wireless solution, combining Buffalo’s high performance...