D-Link DHP-1320 Wireless N PowerLine Router

  • D-Link DHP-1320 Wireless N PowerLine Router
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  • Powerline networking capability, Very good throughput, Some advanced features.
  • The D-Link DHP-1320 Wireless N PowerLine Router incorporates HomePlug AV power-line technology and works with other HomePlug AV-compliant power-line adapters. The router offers fast wireless throughput speed, long range, and IP6 support, and is easy to...


  • Poor setup process, Expensive for a single-band router, Compatible powerline adapters are also expensive.
  • The D-Link DHP-1320 has only three LAN ports and doesn't support Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band wireless, or the 500Mbps power-line standard. The router's range throughput could be better and it's a little bulky.

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By PC Mag on 60

D-Link's DHP 1320 Wireless-N Powerline Router's saving graces are very good throughput and powerline capability. A clumsy setup process is likely to frustrate networking novices, however....

By SmallNetBuilder on -

Prev - Page 1 of 3 - Next >> At a glanceProductD-Link DHP-1320 Wireless N PowerLine Router WebsiteSummarySingle band N router with 10/100 ports and built-in HomePlug AVPros• Strong wireless performance, especially at low signal levels• 100...

By cnet on 73

Supporting Wireless-N and HomePlug AV, the D-Link DHP-1320 Wireless N PowerLine Router is an ideal router for a home network that favors flexibility over performance. Its lack of support for Gigabit Ethernet, dual-band wireless, and the 500Mbps...