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The Sony Xperia L features a 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen display with an 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera. The Xpera L is powered by an 1GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 8GB of storage expandable via microSD up to 32GB.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Pro on 83

A great budget smartphone with decent performance, a top-quality display and a surprisingly competent...

By TechRadar AU on 70

Sony have left the Xperia L to compete at the bottom end of the market and the 8MP camera on the back is clearly the phone's biggest asset, so it's easy to see why Sony have made a bit of a song and dance about it. Aiming at the bottom of the market does...

By What Mobile on 60

The Xperia L is billed as a low-end device, but features some fairly impressive mid-tier specs. But you’ll pay for the improvement, with the phone costing £249 (SIM-free)The Xperia L is not going to win any design awards. Unlike its big brother the ‘Z’...

By IT Pro Portal on 60

In the end the Sony Xperia L is a rather disappointing handset. Even if you set the physical design to one side and concentrate on the innards, there are a lot of niggles, and some serious irritation around the fact that the main camera doesn't live up...

By Wired UK on 70

The Sony Xperia L is far from the cutting edge of smartphone development, but it's a good looking, solidly built low to midrange device with a decent screen and a pretty good camera. The processor is a little lacking, and it's a shame it's not running...

By CNET UK on 50

With its black, arched design and silver details, the Sony Xperia L is definitely among the better-looking budget phones. Its older version of Android and software bugs really let it down though. The Google Nexus 4 is a much better phone all round and...

By AsiaOne on 60

Given the tapered design at the bottom of the Sony Xperia L, I can understand why my colleagues instinctively pushed the phone's display upwards, hoping to find a physical keypad below. But this is not a slider phone.You use the virtual keyboard on...

By NotebookCheck on 85

Sony offers a recommendable mainstream smartphone with the Xperia L, which has no significant drawbacks . The 4.3-inch device offers a lot of features for the current price of 240 Euros, starting with the good display , the high build quality and the...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Surprisingly good value with superb low-light camera performance - an excellent Budget Buy handset...

By TrustedReviews on 60

The Sony Xperia L lacks the spit and polish necessary to standout at this price. The basics are good enough, but the sluggish camera and merely ok design count against it.

By 3G UK on 70

The Sony Xperia L is an attractive mid-range handset that copes easily with most everyday tasks. Some of the top features have been omitted to keep the price tag down, but overall it packs in plenty for the money.

By AndroidAuthority on 65

In the end, the Sony Xperia L is a solid but not exactly remarkable phone when it comes to performance. What should help it stand out in its fairly crowded category are its looks and design. Whether or not this is enough to sway you from the countless other similar phones available is a matter of personal taste.

By T3 on 60

There are issues with the responsiveness of the touchscreen and some sluggishness operating simple tasks, so if you are really sold on buying a Sony smartphone that is not the Z we'd probably still opt for the Sony Xperia SP (as a more suitable smartphone partner.

By GSMArena on

Sony has a plan and is sticking to it. Not a piece of tactical genius either but one that seems to work for it. A couple of phones did well for Sony in the midrange last year and the right touches here and there was all they needed to be highly...

By Recombu on 70

At the Xperia L’s current price tag of around £220, we’d rather opt for the 4G-toting Sony Xperia SP, but chances are it will rapidly drop down, making this a powerful, affordable mid-ranger with a hint of flagship user experience on top suitable for a wide range of users.

By on 70

Sony’s Xperia L is the most affordable of the new Xperia generation, and although it strips away some fantastic features such as Superior Auto camera mode, it still packs in some good stuff for its mid-range price. The stripped-back processor copes...

By PhoneArena on 65

All in all, this is a device for those willing to compromise. The price segment requires it. It would be a nice choice for the design conscious, but if you value specs and performance most there are more enticing options.

By Good Gear Guide on

Despite entry-level specifications and a likely low price, the Xperia L appears to be targeting snap happy consumers with an 8-megapixel camera that can capture HDR photos and...

By GSMArena on

The Sony Xperia L has a precision engineered feature mix, making it a true successor to last year's Xperia U. It covers all bases, compromising only on stuff that isn't essential to the user experience, while at the same time, retaining the attractive price...

By TechRadar on

The Sony Xperia L is the latest smartphone to slide in at the bottom end of the Japanese firm's range, launching alongside the mid-range Xperia SP to complete a trio of handsets headlined by the Sony Xperia Z . It's the natural replacement for the Xperia...