Blue Sky International Exo2

  • Blue Sky International Exo2
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  • Good, balanced sound quality.
  • Desktop Controller for easy level tweaks.
  • Surprisingly loud.


  • Bass doesn’t bump enough for clubbin’ music.
  • 5x4.8x7-inch speakers and lots of wires will deter neatniks.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Mac|Life on 80

The EXO2 is an easy sell for anyone who mixes music. The speakers’ high volume and pristine sound (not to mention small-for-a-studio size) makes them perfect for producers looking for a mid-level setup. For the music fans just looking to crank out...

By PC Advisor on 90

Overall, we were quite happy with the Exo2. We spent many days listening to music, watching movies, mixing a podcast and some music in GarageBand, and playing a synthesizer through them, and we were happy with the resulting sound. That said, because...

By Macworld on 90

The Exo2 2.1 is a solid-sounding desktop speaker system. Given its mission as a desktop mixing solution, it's also reasonably priced. It's no replacement for large studio monitors in an equally large studio. Nor is it a particularly good system...