Irex DR800SG

  • Irex DR800SG
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  • Large, crisp screen, Quick page turns, Speedy downloads
  • Sharp 8.1" eink display with pen input, fast refresh, ePUB and B&N support.


  • Stylus necessary for many features, Unintuitive interface, Finicky touchscreen, Awkward leather case, Limited format support
  • Some features not fully developed.

Expert reviews and ratings

By LaptopMag on 50

This device has the ideal screen size for an eReader, but doesnt utilize it very...

By MobileTechReview on 80

Choice is a good thing. The IREX DR800SG is neither the worst nor the best reader on the market. Folks want different things, and so far each reader has addressed certain needs. The IREX is a great eBook reader for those who do serious long form...

By Dvice on

After IREX unveiled its unimaginatively named DR800SG e-reader this morning, I spent an hour or so futzing around with it. Based on this preliminary playing, Im ready to say it: The IREX is the new master of the admittedly miniscule e-reader...