Reviewers Liked

  • Playback on the iPad Mini and computer worked okay, Records in HD, Records 2 TV programs at the same time (only with Simple.TV 2 box by SiliconDust)
  • Compatible with most mobile devices and settop streamers. Supports account sharing and offline viewing. Doesn't occupy a valuable HDMI port
  • The Simple.TV 2 streams live and recorded overtheair TV signals to other devices in your home, including iOS and Android devices, Roku boxes, and Chromecast. Image quality is perfectly acceptable for streaming to small screens across your network or the I
  • Intuitive interface for navigating live and recorded shows, Provides two streams for viewing inside or outside the home
  • Allows recording downloads, Flexibility, Streams to most devices

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Playback was dismal on older (supported) mobile devices, Expensive device and service, Simple.TV internal fan is relatively loud, App crashed frequently, Video issues (buffering, aspect ratio issues, repeated video portions during playback)
  • Noisy fan. No WiFi. Virtually useless without premium subscription. Mobile apps can't download recorded shows directly. No quadtuner option
  • Standalone DVRs offer a simpler experience; mediocre image quality on big screens; inconsistency among the different apps; distracting fan noise; need to add the cost of an antenna and a hard drive, as well as another device (like Roku) if you want a TV c
  • Frequent performance problems, Expensive device and subscription, Content selection heavily dependent on location, Lack of Wi-Fi makes placement challenging
  • Application, Dependence on signal, Scheduling restricted to paid service