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New bypass trick makes Windows 11 installation on unsupported systems a breeze

The IoT editions of Windows 11 are the "superior" choice for older PCs
In context: The Windows IoT Enterprise OS family comprises the Windows editions Microsoft sells to companies for "small-footprint" PCs, point-of-sale devices, and other embedded appliances. Previously known as Windows Embedded, Windows IoT editions are straightforward to install, even with hardware components Microsoft doesn't officially support.
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Russia sentences Meta's communications director to six years in prison over "terrorism" charges

Andy Stone will be avoiding Russia for a while
What just happened? Andy Stone, Meta's communications director, has been sentenced in absentia to six years of imprisonment by a Russian court for "publicly defending terrorism." Stone is accused of posting a Twitter/X comment in March 2022, advocating aggressive, hostile, and violent actions against "Russian servicemen participating in the special military operation," which is what Russia calls its invasion of Ukraine.
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Zuckerberg opens up Meta Quest operating system to third-parties, Asus and Lenovo headsets planned

Open vs. closed VR ecosystems
Something to look forward to: After spending tens of billions on virtual and augmented reality, Meta aims to position itself as the more accessible alternative to Apple's $3,500 Vision Pro headset and its visionOS. Competing with the Cupertino giant will prove challenging, but opening up the Meta Quest operating system and evolve into an open ecosystem could go a long way toward broadening its appeal.
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A casino in Australia gave away millions in cash due to software glitch, recipients charged with fraud

Blunder down under
In a nutshell: A casino in Sydney, Australia, inadvertently gave away millions of dollars in cash to dozens of people due to an apparent software glitch. The bug was spotted and rectified after two weeks but by then, more than $2 million had been erroneously dispensed by the malfunctioning machines. The police have now charged the "lucky" cash recipients with fraud and a litany of other crimes.
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