Gen Z falls victim to online scams more often than boomers, says Deloitte survey

Growing up with the internet vs. watching it arrive
In brief: There might be a stereotypical image of internet users aged 70 to 79 happily handing their bank details over to a "Nigerian prince" they just met on Facebook. But the surprising truth is that Generation Z – those born between the late 1990s and early 2010s – get scammed a lot more than their boomer grandparents.
james webb telescope europa jupiter exobiology

James Webb Telescope finds carbon source on Jovian moon Europa

JWST provided "observational evidence" regarding carbon presence in Europa's underground ocean
Why it matters: Carbon is one of the primary building blocks of life as we know it. Therefore, the detection of carbon signs on celestial bodies other than Earth is always a significant discovery. Thanks to JWST's powerful instruments, scientists now have evidence that carbon should be abundant on one of the most promising targets for extraterrestrial life research.

Mozilla warns of potential dark patterns in new browser choice screens coming to Europe

Design matters
In brief: The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) will impose new rules on several tech giants when it's introduced next year, including providing users with browser choice screens that lets them pick a default option. That might sound good, but Mozilla warns that these screens need to be designed in a way that promotes all products equally, not just those from a specific vendor.
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