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AMD to introduce AI-based upscaling, potentially matching DLSS

Something to look forward to: AMD's FSR image upscaling technology has avoided using AI until now, which has been a double-edged sword in its competition against Nvidia's DLSS and Intel's XeSS. A recent interview with AMD's CTO indicates that the company plans to pivot sharply toward AI in 2024, with gaming upscaling as one area of focus.
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European Commission fines Apple almost $2 billion over music streaming subscription policies

What just happened? Spotify has spent five years accusing Apple's music streaming subscription policies of being anti-competitive, and the European Union just ruled overwhelmingly in Spotify's favor. Apple argues that it deserves a cut for its role in Spotify's success. Meanwhile, another battle looms between the companies over sideloading and new fees.
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Researchers prove they can exploit chatbots to spread AI worms

Hackers could deploy the worms in plain text emails or hidden in images
In context: Big Tech continues to recklessly shovel billions of dollars into bringing consumers AI assistants to consumers. Microsoft's Copilot, Google's Bard, Amazon's Alexa, and Meta's Chatbot already have generative AI engines. Apple is one of the few that seems to be taking its time upgrading Siri to an LLM and hopes to compete with an LLM that runs locally rather than in the cloud.
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AMD RDNA4 graphics cards may only receive a minor bump in ray tracing performance

Rumor mill: Although the last few generations of AMD graphics cards have matched their Nvidia equivalents in rasterization performance and often featured more memory, Team Red has been a step behind in hardware-accelerated ray tracing ever since it debuted in consumer hardware. New information regarding the company's next GPU lineup suggests the situation won't change.
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