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Nvidia app launches in beta: Nvidia's new GPU control panel is much faster, no log in required

One unified app, goodbye GeForce Experience
Something to look forward to: Nvidia is finally making long awaited, much needed changes to their graphics card software. Available now is a new beta application simply called the Nvidia App, which greatly improves the software experience for Nvidia GPU owners. While it doesn't contain all of its features just yet, the eventual goal is for the Nvidia App to replace the outdated Nvidia Control Panel and annoying GeForce Experience into a single unified application.
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Google accused of being "woke" after Gemini creates inaccurate, racially diverse historical images

It has now suspended the feature
Facepalm: Generative AIs are often accused of being biased, but it appears that Google went a bit too far in trying to address this problem with Gemini. The company has apologized after the tool produced images showing people of color and women in historically inaccurate contexts, such as Nazi-era German soldiers and the Founding Fathers. It's led to complaints about Gemini being "woke," and Google has now paused the feature while it makes changes.
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