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How to build a Wii the size of a deck of cards

Advanced assembly skills recommended
WTF?! Shrinking popular game consoles has long been a popular pastime for modders. Some have spent years competing to make the tiniest functioning Nintendo Wii. The latest candidate measures just a few square inches and retains the original machine's functionality except for physical disc support.
ps1 doom with video source code reverse engineering playstation modding

How to play PS1 Doom on PC (and why you might want to)

Preserving a unique piece of the franchise's history
TL;DR: The original Doom received numerous console ports during the 1990s, but the PlayStation version stood out. While it didn't perfectly replicate the original PC experience, some fans still prefer its unique visual style and music. Fortunately, modders have brought the PS1 editions of Doom and Final Doom to PC with modern quality-of-life features, multiplayer, and mod support.
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