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Nvidia is allegedly punishing customers with shipment delays, former AMD VP labels it a "GPU cartel"

Nvidia has a history of unsavory behavior
A hot potato: Nvidia is experiencing the kind of success most companies could only dream of right now, and it's all thanks to the generative AI boom. But not everyone is praising Jensen Huang and his firm. After a rival chip maker accused it of delaying orders of AI GPUs to customers who are courting other suppliers, a former AMD vice president has called Team Green "the GPU cartel."
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Wendy's will spend $20 million on digital menus to introduce customers to "dynamic pricing"

Imagine this: You are standing in line at a fast food restaurant, looking at the menu to decide what to order. You decide on a plain burger for $4. The queue finishes one order, so you move up, then notice your burger now costs $4.20. The line moves again, and now it's $4.40. There are still five more customers ahead of you. What do you do?
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Number of data breaches falls globally, triples in the US

The US has overtaken Russia as the most-breached country
Why it matters: A recent study investigating data breaches throughout 2023 reveals a total of 299.8 million accounts were compromised across the year. While this figure is alarmingly high, it represents an 18% reduction from the 366.7 million breached accounts in 2022. Despite this global decrease, the situation in the United States has worsened, with the number of breaches tripling, positioning it as the world's most frequently targeted country.
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