scientists mother nature paint color

Scientists accidentally create the world's lightest paint by mimicking Mother Nature

A drop the size of a raisin could paint both sides of the door to your house
Yeah! Science! Traditional paint is made from a bonding agent, such as oil, and pigments from heavy metals like cobalt, ochre, and cadmium, which make blue, red, and yellow, respectively. We use paint to color the artificial world, but in nature, creatures such as butterflies and beetles display vibrant palettes without pigment – they use topography.
Linus Tech Tips

YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips terminated after it was hacked to show crypto-scam videos

TechLinked has also fallen victim
What just happened? Linus Tech Tips, one of the largest and most popular technology YouTube channels on the platform, has been hacked. It was used by the hackers to show pre-recorded 'live-streaming' crypto-scam videos, featuring former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The channel is now showing a message stating it has been shut down for violating YouTube's community guidelines, but it appears Linus' other channels are also being abused.
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