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Nvidia clarifies power supply requirements for RTX 40-series

The big picture: Since the announcement of Nvidia's RTX 40-series graphics cards, some consumers have been curious or even worried about their power supply, wondering if it can safely run a new GPU. Thankfully, Nvidia has cleared the air and reassured users regarding the power requirements for its cards.

TechSpot Video Strange But True Tech Facts

In the grand scheme of things, we're still in the infancy of the Information Age. But what makes tech especially interesting for many is that it's peppered with anecdotes and fun facts that add substance to a story and make them even more compelling. Here are some of our favorite fun tech facts that you might not have known about...
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Intel's Unison app could allow Apple-like phone-to-PC connectivity between Windows, Android, and iOS

Something to look forward to: Users with Macs and Apple mobile devices have enjoyed a range of connectivity features between those products for years --AirDrop, Handoff, Universal Clipboard, and AirPlay are just a few. Intel recently unveiled software seeking to build similar bridges between Windows PCs and phones running iOS and Android.
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