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X CEO responds to Elon Musk telling departing advertisers to "Go f**k yourself"

"It's a real weakness to be liked"
Big quote: Elon Musk has responded to advertisers rushing to leave former Twitter platform X by telling them to "Go f**k yourself," which is unlikely to appease the companies that were handing over millions for ad space. The owner's outburst has since been addressed by X CEO Linda Yaccarino, who said "X is standing at a unique and amazing intersection of Free Speech and Main Street."
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Electric vehicles report 79% more issues than gas-powered cars

Japan maintains its crown for having the most reliable automakers
Common misconception: It stands to reason that electric vehicle powertrains should have fewer problems than internal combustion engines. After all, they don't have to withstand thousands of tiny explosions every second the motor runs. In fact, unlike ICE-driven vehicles, there are no moving parts or other stressors while the car is idling.
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Amazon now delivers more packages than FedEx and UPS in the US

In a nutshell: Amazon is now one of the largest package delivery businesses in the US by volume, surpassing industry stalwarts FedEx and UPS in an impressively short period of time. The e-commerce giant's delivery business grew partly out of necessity and a desire to lower delivery times. To do that without incurring excessive costs, Amazon sought to eliminate the middleman from its operations.