Reviewers Liked

  • Great ISO test results, Photographs captured in low light retain good details, Shutter Priority (Tv) and Aperture Priority (Av) modes, Superior f/2.0 optically stabilized wide angle lens
  • Excellent photo quality for its class; a nice mix of shooting modes
  • Touchscreen, Few buttons, HD recording, HDMI
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very sharp images. Solid lowlight performance. Attractive design

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Tiny, hard-edged zoom toggle switch, Below average battery life, Noticeable chromatic aberration, especially at wide angle, 24 fps videos a bit jerky, Mics exaggerate wind noise, LCD adjustment buried in menu system, Heavy softening in upper right corner
  • Full touchscreen controls leads to couple of extra steps
  • Touch interface is potentially frustrating; shooting performance is a little slow
  • Touch screen a little insensitive, No physical movie record button, Relatively large and heavy
  • Pricey. Occasionally laggy zoom performance