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Canon PowerShot G1X 2




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By PCWorld New Zealand on 70

Canon's PowerShot G1X Mark II is a substantial compact camera that can't easily fit in your pocket. It's a good shooter, though, and it gives you the choice to either take advantage of its extensive scene modes, or to wrestle with the exposure settings...

By Digital Photography Review on

Google is holding a competition that could see your Pixel photos gracing millions of screens. Nikon's 100th birthday party continues worldwide as a distributor in Italy organized a one-of-a-kind feat: assembling the world's largest 'human camera' from...

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The enthusiast compact market has exploded over the last couple of years, with several manufacturers offering a product with 1"-type sensors. Most of these cameras are small (and sometimes pocketable) and feature fast (but short) lenses. They also vary...

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While most of the cameras in this category fall within the relatively narrow $500-$800 range (with a few exceptions), products in this roundup vary quite a bit in terms of sensor size, number and type of control points, zoom range, video capabilities...

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When applied to humans, the word “character” has two distinct meanings, an oddball or eccentric as in “Fred is a real character” or a morally upstanding person, as in “Charlie is a man of unimpeachable character.” When it comes to machines created by...

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At first sight, the sensor performance of the G1X II doesn't look particularly exciting with relatively low scores for color, DR and low light but a more careful look at the performance reveals that the G1X II is in fact a strong performer at high...

International Review By on 83

태초에 하이엔드가 있었다. 아니, 태초에 하이엔드 디지털카메라는 캐논뿐이었다는 게 맞겠다. G 시리즈는 DSLR을 제외한 하이엔드 카메라의 시초격인 모델이다. 커다란 구경의 렌즈와 DSLR 못지않은 조작성을 제공하는 편리함 덕분에 많은 펜을 거느렸다. G1X Mark II는 G 시리즈의 최신작으로 '하이엔드 카메라란 이런 것'이라고 단언하는 캐논의 야심작이다. Mark라는 모델명은 5D Mark II, III처럼 같은 제품이라도 고성능 모델에 붙이는...

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极光被视为自然界中最漂亮的奇观之一,如果一辈子能看到一次极光,那一定是人生中的幸事。遇见极光,需要运气,记录极光,则需要一台高画质的相机。佳能旗舰数码相机PowerShot G1 X Mark II拍摄下了这突如其来的幸福。遇见极光是在一个叫做纳萨克(Narsaq)的地方,它位于格陵兰岛南端两条峡湾的交汇处。面朝大海,背靠青山,是南格陵兰岛的第二大城镇。可能是因为格陵兰岛的冬天寒冷而又漫长,这里的房子一座座都涂上了艳丽的色彩。G1 X Mark...

International Review By on

丽江,一个充满邂逅和奇遇的神奇之地。摄影师王真磊用佳能“小马克兔”G1 X Mark II拍摄的丽江、木府照片,展现了丽江世俗生活的一面,又像翻阅了一个在西南地区曾经辉煌一时的大土司家族的兴衰史。“北有故宫,南有木府”。丽江木府是丽江文化的"大观园"。因此,到丽江,如果不到木府一游,就如同没有到过丽江。古代著名旅行家徐霞客曾叹木府曰:"宫室之丽拟于王室"。佳能G1 X Mark II的广角端将长廊、蓝天白云一并收入,更体现出建筑之宏伟、宫殿之辉煌。站在高处,俯拍木府,G1 X Mark...

International Review By on

Canon stellte die Powershot G1 X Mark II als das neue Flaggschiff ihrer Kompaktkameras vor. Und in der Tat überzeugt die Kamera im Test durch die Bildqualität auf DSLR-Niveau, das kompakte Format und den Funktionsumfang. Dass der Hersteller die G1 als...

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于在香港推出,售价比起美国的 799 美元略高一点,卖 6480 港币,折合人民币大约 5188 元。台湾方面,G1 X Mark II 预计会在下周二正式宣布信息,大家可以期待看看。佳能 G1 X Mark II佳能 PowerShot G1X Mark II 重点特色● 搭载 1.5 英寸1310 万像素 CMOS 感光元件● 最高分辨率选项为 4160 X 3120 像素● 具备 DIGIC 6 图像处理器● 开机、快门反应、连拍都更加高速化● 等效 24-120mm F2.0-3.9...

International Review By on

佳能 发布 G1X Mark II 的同时,也同步推出许多对应的配件,其中对摄影爱好者来说,比较重要的配件算是电子观景窗与遮光罩。在电子观景窗方面, EVF-DC1 采用 236 万像素面板,支持 90 度向上翻转,并有距离传感器可以在脸部接近时自动关闭屏幕、启动观景窗取景。这个配件的价格在海外为 299 美元,人民币大约落在 1800 元左右。而花瓣型遮光罩的价格则初估可能会在人民币 160 元左右。除此以外,G1X Mark II...