Reviewers Liked

  • Good quality at higher sensitivities for a compact, Useful zoom range, High speed video, High frame rate continuous shooting, Manual exposure control, Handling and build quality
  • Good photo quality at low ISOs, 10X, ultra wide 24 240 mm zoom lens in a compact, well built body, Sensorshift image stabilization, 3inch LCD has good outdoor and low light visibility, Tons of Best Shot (scene) modes, several of which are quite useful (e
  • Flexible lens in a compact body; good control layout; useful and fun high-speed shooting options
  • Superb battery life, Sharp, wellexposed images, RAW shooting mode, Highspeed shooting mode for stills and video
  • Featurepacked, HD movie, 24240mm zoom range

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Auto focus can hunt at long end of the zoom, HS modes put large strain on the battery
  • Details start to get smudged once you pass ISO 200, Redeye a problem, no removal tool available, Some corner blurring at wideangle, Didn't perform well in artificial light, even with custom white balance (won't affect most people), Very slow start
  • No fully automatic mode; mixed shooting performance; near-useless raw image capture
  • Takes time when saving RAW and highspeed shots, Laggy autofocus, Noisy lens motors, Limited fstop options in aperture priority
  • Low resolution highspeed movie, low LCD resolution, menu design, Raw shooting at ISO 100200 only