Reviewers Liked

  • High quality fit and finish, Slim design, Intuitive touch screen interface, High dynamic range feature, Touch and shoot mode, Good exposure system
  • Good color reproduction, Very responsive 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • Good build and nice design, Big touchscreen, Cats and Dogs detection worked fine, Warm color tone
  • Focus and shoot with two taps. With/without flash bracketing. Classy looks
  • Good color reproduction; large 3.5-inch touchscreen; interesting cat/dog detection

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Super CCD artefacts in images, Lens prone to flare, Touch screen can be quite difficult to see in bright conditions, Noise performance not as good as I'd hoped
  • Fingerprint magnet, Noise when shooting under low light conditions, Video recording sucks, Disappointing macro range, Limited manual mode
  • Images lacked details and sharpness, Slow on focusing in low light and at the tele end, Digital artefacts visible at actual resolution view, Choppy video quality, No wide angle lens
  • Poor colour reproduction. Clumsy touchscreen interface. Awkward to hold
  • Sluggish performance; user menu can be more intuitive; design doesn't draw much attention; fingerprint magnet