Editors Liked

  • Touch display (M10P), WiFi, excellent industrial design, solid battery life, terrific image quality
  • Beautiful design, High-quality finish and build, Very quiet rangefinder
  • Big, bright optical viewfinder with focusing patch, Compatible with lenses dating back to the 1930s, Very quiet focal plane shutter, 24MP full-frame image sensor, Dust- and splash-resistant build, Add-on EVF available, Wi-Fi
  • Smallish size, Quiet shutter, Pretty good battery life. Even if it drains quickly it equalizes itself once it gets below 50%, A bit of weather resistance, Wifi, Good RAW files

Editors Didn't Like

  • Pricey, hard to access higher ISO values, M10D can be tricky to use, PRICE: $7,995, Info: www.us.leicacamera.com
  • No video capture, Tricky access to battery and SD card slot
  • Expensive, Rangefinders are not for everyone, No video recording, No Android support for Wi-Fi
  • I think it's too pricey, The Leica M10P is a great camera by all means. But I feel like Leica should have given this camera more upgrades at this point. Canon, Nikon and Sony all have very good high ISO output and RAW file versatility. So too does Pentax