Reviewers Liked

  • Stylish design, Superb OLED screen, Fast operation, Very compact
  • Large OLED touch screen is very sharp and very bright, Sharp looking and thin camera, with several color combinations available, Focus is sharp and accurate on closeup photos, Menu structure makes sense and is easy to use, HDMI slot included for uploading
  • Big, bright, contrasty OLED screen, Compact, stylish and functional design, No physical controls, Simple on-screen controls
  • Simple to use, takes decent photos, bright screen

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Poor lens quality, High price
  • It's easy to shoot inadvertent photos because of shutter button placement, No zoom dial; all control of zoom lens occurs through touch screen, Only 16:9 ratio resolution is 8MP, Lens is easy to block with your finger, Price seems a little high
  • Poor battery performance, Modest 35mm maximum wide angle, Modest 7cm macro distance, Poor continuous shooting performance
  • Sluggish touchscreen, ineffective stabilization