Reviewers Liked

  • Fast autofocusing system, Takes very good photos, Special effects and filters allow you to take fun pictures, A slightly more affordable option to the similar EPL5
  • Sharp kit lens. Good high ISO performance. Fast shot-to-shot time and focus. Live Guide mode. Optional EVF available. In-camera art filters
  • Very low image noise, Reliable metering, Good whitebalance, Quick shottoshot speed, Fast contrastdetect AF, Short shutterlag, Generally responsive, Effective builtin stabilization, Excellent automatic Manual Focus Assist, High level of customization, Olym
  • OM-D image quality in smaller, lighter, cheaper body, Excellent JPEG color and exposure, Suprising level of customizability with several user-assigned function buttons, Raw shooting and in-camera processing, Small but functional handgrip, Flash accessory included, Fast 8 fps burst shooting mode, Touch-sensitive screen available for those who want it; enough physical buttons for those who don't

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Requires playing around to learn features and settings, Lens is a bit big on what is otherwise a compact camera, LCD real estate is eaten up by the menu options
  • Fixed rear display. No built-in flash
  • Poor color accuracy, Focus hunts in low light, Long blackout, Display not always ExposurePriority, Low contrast LCD, Modal EC interface, 1s Video record delay, Uncomfortable strap eyelets, Flimsy battery and memory door
  • Flash competes with other potential accessories for single accessory port, Image on LCD is difficult to see in bright sunlight, No external dials for exposure mode/shooting parameter setting, Sparse controls and compact layout may be too cramped for some,