Reviewers Liked

  • Bright f2.0-4.9 stabilised zoom, Built-in GPS and manometer, Tap to control feature, Accessory lens attachments
  • Fast f/2 lens at wide angle, Decent image quality for its class, Excellent waterproof and rugged specs, Solid feature set, including the cool Microscopic Macro function for super closeups, Aperture priority mode, Peppy performance and good battery life, A
  • Bright F/2 Lens, Low noise until ISO 400, Nicely saturated colors, Balanced metering, Quick autofocus, Fast and responsive, Fine zoom steps, Good LCD visibility, Superb waterproof construction, Very good batterylife, Good ergonomics, Neocamera

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Poor high ISO noise performance, No manual exposure settings, Can't take stills while video recording, No built-in Wifi
  • Tendency to underexpose shots in Auto mode, Aggressive noise reduction smudges fine detail, Poor video quality with lots of artifacts, No builtin WiFi
  • General image softness, Limited use highISO, Below average AWB, Limited dynamicrange, Strong vignetting, Noticeable zoom lag, Slow lens on wideend, No image parameters, Impossible to setup video framing