Reviewers Liked

  • Reliably good image quality up to ISO 800, usable up to ISO 3200, Accurate metering and focus, Good JPEG resolution (though stick to raw for best results), Fast and responsive in use, Good ergonomics all around, excellent build quality, nice handling, Tou
  • Interesting touchscreen implementation; 3-inch swivel LCD; more dedicated buttons for specific functions; good image quality
  • Small size, Light weight, Electronic Viewfinder, Swivel Screen, Touch focus mode, Sharpness of images taken at low to moderate ISO sensitivities
  • Intuitive touchscreen, movie mode, compact size
  • Responsive touchscreen, Sharp and detailed photos, Easy to use auto functions, Followfocus in video mode
  • Very good photo quality (though see issues below), Compact, well designed body with interchangeable lenses; comes in three colors, Flipout, rotating 3inch touchscreen LCD display with high resolution, great outdoor / low light visibility, Generally wellim
  • Rear control dial is in better position, Articulating, high-resolution 3:2 LCD, High-resolution EVF, IR sensor switches between EVF and LCD, Good shape to grip, Soft, warm rubber finish, 20g lighter than its predecessor, but camera still has good heft,
  • Nice touch-screen implementation; articulated LCD; relatively fast; pretty good EVF
  • Image quality is outstanding, Camera layout is good, important features are accessible by "one touch", Quick autofocus and good response times, LCD can rotate away from the camera, can shoot photos with touch on LCD, EVF is extremely bright and sharp

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Out-of-camera JPEG color not as appealing as best competitors, New kit lens not as good as predecessor, ISO 6400 verging on the unusable, High ISO default noise reduction a bit too high, Dynamic range still not as good as best APS-C competitors, User inte
  • Not all options can be accessed through touchscreen; stagnant dSLR-like styling
  • Fiddly buttons, Slight lag when taking an image, Maximum bulb exposure of four minutes
  • High ISO image quality, excess scene modes
  • Average ISO performance
  • Camera tends to slightly underexpose and clip highlights, Redeye a problem; digital correction feature did not help, at least for me, Touch features don't add a lot to the shooting experience; too easy to accidentally change focus area, Unremarkable c
  • Grip area is somewhat slick, Rear EVF protrudes far behind the camera, making it harder to fit into small spaces, Kit lens has no IS switch (camera menu only); plastic mount, Lots of geometric distortion in uncorrected RAW at wide-angle, which contribu
  • Images a little noisier at midrange ISO sensitivities than they should be; too easy to accidentally move focus points with touch screen
  • Will take some time to learn all of the features, LCD is a little tough to see in direct sunlight, Price seems a little high, Touchscreen LCD is easy to smudge