Reviewers Liked

  • Compact body is in a class of its own compared to other mirrorless cameras, Great build quality and good ergonomics considering the size, Shoots like a real camera, not a gadget, High Performance-series optics match the camera's build quality, Sensor-
  • Sharp images, Excellent video quality, Good low light performance, Built-in flash, Silent operation
  • Smallest interchangeable lens camera in the world; solid build quality, Good photo quality at low ISOs, Sensorshift image stabilization, Sharp 3inch LCD display has 460k pixels, good low light visibility, Full manual controls, with RAW support (including
  • Small design, sharp & low noise images at ISO 125400 settings, long lenses small in size, faster flash sync due to leaf shutter lenses (limited to 1/250th sec with external flash however)

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Lens selection is very limited so far, Unique-series lenses are very limited in terms of capability, Shallow depth-of-field is hard to achieve, Blur Control function is hit and miss, Need to use large apertures for maximum sharpness; diffraction-limiti
  • Very expensive, Slow to start up and process images, Photos lack depth, Included lens doesn’t zoom
  • Expensive, Body may be too compact; controls are small, cluttered, and often poorly placed; hard to hold camera without accidentally bumping something important, Middle and high ISO image quality not as good as competition, Tends to clip highlights (use D
  • Poor LCD screen, small sensor size means lack of shallow depth of field control, BC (Bokeh Control) mode is flawed and poor, function dial placed awkwardly by lens, not possible to fit an EVF, slow Raw shooting due to small buffer, expensive