Reviewers Liked

  • Compact; stunningly sharp results, particularly with 50mm portrait lens and 12-megapixel sensor combo; component parts feel solid, well made, and attach and detach easily
  • Very good detail and sharpness at base ISO, Good dynamic range with smooth highlight roll-off, Very good performance in low light, low noise levels and good retention of detail at the same time, Excellent build quality and handling, Compact dimensions (fo
  • Small and lightweight; manual and custom settings for advanced users; S10 is good for wide-angle shots; A12 shoots great close-ups
  • Camera body 50mm camera unit 24-72mm camera unit, Compact size APS-C sensor Great dynamic range, Easy-to-use Excellent noise control Good colour, Very well built Nice colour rendition Thin construction
  • Changeable units increase the number of shooting possibilities. Stunning image quality and macros with 50mm unit. Clickwheels make manual control simple
  • Larger sensor than conventional compacts; good image quality; sensor sealed in lens module prevents dust from getting onto it; modular system highly expandable; solid build

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Auto white balance performance variable; busy menu screens and small typeface make function searches fiddly
  • Contrast detect AF slow, hunting and occasionally unreliable in anything but good light, No image stabilization, Battery life not great, Comparatively low-spec video mode (720p but no manual controls, no focus, no external mic), Fastest shutter speeds not
  • Poor video quality; S10 has poor ISO performance; A12 struggles in low light conditions; expensive
  • Camera body 50mm camera unit 24-72mm camera unit, Screen is too sharp Slow focusing Slow focusing, Lack of white-balance Trouble with white-balance Trouble with white-balance, Expensive Suffered noise early, Expensive
  • Inconsistent image quality between lens units. Slow autofocus
  • Slow focusing; expensive; no image stabilizer