Reviewers Liked

  • Four included fans! This is 34 more than you usually find in stock cases!, High quality steel case, Unique looks, Attention to detail is evident (an example would be air filters on all intake fans), Toolless design
  • Great for the Star Wars fan, Unique external design, Adjustable external exhaust, VGA Turbo Cooling System
  • Unique styling, Dual VGA fan cooler, Shutter-like side panel window, Tool-less design, Removeable dust filters
  • Awesome Original Design, Entire Case Is Tool Less, Good Cooling Power, Very Quite
  • Striking appearance, Clever design, Great cooling, Quiet, Tool free features, Innovative lighting, VGA Turbo cooling device, Two eSATA ports, Good value
  • Cooling System, Design, Quality, Price

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Might be seen as a little pricey, Pretty wide case, especially with the large left side panel, I'm not sure about the looks of the coneshaped, inch tall feet
  • Small interior, Some obstructions during installation
  • Not priced competitively, too expensive for what it is, No real cable management solution(s), Plastic side panel clips, Could use more intake fans, Video card fiment may be an issue
  • A bit cramped inside, HDD cage restricts airflow