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Shuttle SX58J3

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As today's CPUs and GPUs continue to climb towards temperatures more suitable for glass blowing than computing, Shuttle's job gets harder and harder. How do they accommodate the high energy requirements and thermal dissipation issues yet retain...

By APC Magazine on

Shuttle has done a good job of fitting Intel’s Core i7 processor into this diminutive case, but the price is too high....

By Expert Reviews on

Shuttle set out to raise the barfor small-system performance. In creating the XPC SX58H7 last year and now augmenting the high-end line-up with the XPC SX58J3, the company has provided the basis upon which some of the world's fastest mini-PCs will...

By on

Scegliere un sistema desktop compatto non significa necessariamente scendere a compromessi con le prestazioni. Lo dimostra Shuttle con il barebone SX58J3, una piattaforma compatta, elegante e capace di offrire un'ottima base per l'assemblaggio...

International Review By BitCity on

Este cubo o barebone de Shuttle tiene un gran potencial, overclockea bien, admite grandes gráficas, tiene detalles de conectividad de calidad pero peca en algunos elementos que le faltan el USB 3.0. Por suerte su capacidad de ampliación de...

International Review By Hispazone on

Le SX58J3 de Shuttle est sans conteste le mini-PC le plus puissant du marché ou à tout le moins l’est quand on l’équipe des composants adéquats. Pouvant accueillir le processeur Intel Core i7 980X, 16 Go de mémoire,...

International Review By PCWorld France on