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By techicize.com on 88

So then let's tackle the obvious here. It's the first the case through the door that we could not build into completely, so automatically it's a bad product then?  The answer is no…Let me explain why. The thing is, it's just bad luck with the parts we...

By play3r.net on 66

Whilst this is one seriously nice looking case, I struggle to recommend it over the SG13 that I had to pack away whilst building this. It wasn't a fun experience, and its almost like everything that could have been annoying or silly to do, they did with...

By Bit-tech.net on 78

It's clear that to deal with overclocked CPUs, you'll need to maximise the cooler you use up to the 140mm height limit, or mount a 120mm fan in the rear drive mounting plate, probably as an intake to assist low profile CPU coolers. Alternatively of...

By eTeknix on

Pricing The Xigmatek Octans is just £35.99 from Overclockers UK. That's really not a lot of money for a compact gaming chassis of this size and specifications and it'll certainly appeal to those on a tight budget, leaving more room in your budget for a...

International Review By vmodtech.com on

ก็มาถึงช่วงสุดท้ายกันแล้วครับ Xigmatek Octans Mini-ITX Chassis ตัวนี้เป็นเคส Mini-ITX รองรับ Motherboard แบบ Mini-ITX รองรับ PSU แบบ Standard PS/2(ATX) สามารถซื้อหามาประกอบได้ทั่วๆไป ซึ่งตำแหน่งการวาง PSU ก็ย้ายมาวางด้านหน้าครับ Front Panel มี USB.3.0...

International Review By fashaoyou.net on

今儿是星期六,天儿很不错,建议休息的玩家出去走走,跑跑步陪陪家人啥的,总之别老宅在家里玩电脑就好了。好,接下来2蛋带来的一个小箱子,叫富钧南极星Xigmatek Octans。这款箱子其实去年就发布了,但市场一直都没有看到,结果发布后我们也没有第一时间开箱。但发烧友不希望漏掉,我觉得还是非常不错的一款箱子,所以迟来总比没有的好吧!不好意思,我们来晚了。这款富钧南极星Xigmatek...