NZXT Kraken X42 water cooling kit



NZXT Kraken X42 water cooling kit

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By Guru of 3D on 100

I was impressed with the X62, and it isn't any different with the X42. You do loose some performance in the high-end tweaking spectrum as passing 1.40 Volts on the processor would make it overheat under stress, that you do not have with its bigger...

By on 98

NZXT Kraken X42 performance:NZXT Kraken X42 is a piece of equippment in which I've invested a lot of time to examine its structure, additional accessories, taking pictures, checking the CAM software, reviewing and last but not least after I am done...

By HardOCP on

Looking up the NZXT Kraken X42 online shows that Newegg currently sells it for $129.99. Is it that LED lighting that makes it so expensive? Hard to say. When I reviewed the X41 it was on sale for $109.99 at Amazon with price drops as low as $99.99. No...

By Legit Reviews on

So what do you think of the all-new Kraken coolers? Overall, we were quite impressed with everything! These new Kraken coolers feature fifth generation Asetek hardware and it performs very well. NZXT went ahead had the radiator tuned to use their Aer P...

By Play3r on

And so we conclude our time with the NZXT Kraken X42 and what a wild ride it's been, full of highs and lows. But if this has all been a little TL: DR for you then I'll try to break it down into the Reader's Digest version.The NZXT Kraken X42 comes...

By GamersNexus on

A new series of Kraken liquid coolers from NZXT marks the first time that Asetek has afforded a customer the responsibility of designing custom electronics, which NZXT deploys for RGB LED control and future firmware revisions. The coolers use Gen5...

International Review By on 99

Esta unidad de enfriamiento sin lugar a duda es una buena opción a considerar si estás pensando el cambiar tu ventilador stock o un ventilador típico, nos entrega todos los beneficios de un enfriamiento líquido y nos da un plus del RGB configurable.Las...

International Review By on 100

On retrouve donc un produit proposé à une quarantaine d'euros, relativement simple à installer et offrant des performances accrues pour votre matériel… Pouvons-nous réellement trouver une zone d'ombre à cela ? De plus ce kit est compatible avec plus de...

International Review By Le comptoir du hardware on 80

Nous voici arrivés au terme de ce dossier consacré aux nouvelles références de la série Kraken de chez NZXT. Les kits montent en gamme, offrent plus d'efficacité, mais sont-ils le choix le plus judicieux si l'on veut du kit tout-en-un ? Notre réponse:...

International Review By on

NZXT bietet schon etwas länger verschiedene kompakte Wasserkühlungen an, von denen wir nun die Kraken X42 testen durften und euch in dieser Review davon berichten, ob sie ihr Geld wert ist.Die wohl wichtigste Thematik, die den PC betreffen kann, ist die...

International Review By on

Non credo di aver mai visto un sistema di raffreddamento a liquido per processori esteticamente così bello. Oltre all'estetica, NZXT Kraken X42 offre ottime prestazioni di raffreddamento operando soprattutto nel massimo della silenziosità. Non si...

International Review By on

Forse avrete provato tantissimi altri dispositivi di raffreddamento e non sarete completamente d'accordo con questa classifica. Tutto dipende dalle proprie esperienze personali e dalle esperienze raccolte da altri utilizzatori. Questi sistemi di...