Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent performance, Dual hard disks: 64GB SSD and 1TB storage drive
  • Attractive acrylic-trimmed, LED-lit body, Gorgeous 23-inch capacitive touch screen, Fun suite of pre-installed touch applications and toys, Superb desktop and gaming performance, Excellent sound for size, Competitive pricing
  • Touch screen works great. Quad-core power in an all-in-one desktop. Wireless keyboard and mouse. Both 64GB SSD and 1TB SATA hard drive
  • Handsome case design; kicks-off the new generation of Windows 7-based all-in-one PCs with fast performance; decent mainstream gaming capability; solid-state hard drive speeds OS and application loading
  • Surprisingly powerful components; great graphics speed for an all-in-one; includes solid-state drive for OS/apps, plus 1TB drive for media
  • Strong Performance, Solid State Drive Adds Extra Storage Performance, Well Priced

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Display has noticeable backlight glow, Lacks Bluray
  • Laughably cheap mouse and keyboard, Fan noise can become annoying, Touch remains a novelty
  • No Blu-ray option. System is sealed (no upgrades). Only 60-day Norton Internet Security trial. TV Tuner uses adapter. The 64GB C: drive's a little small for a lot of apps. Bloatware
  • Occasionally unresponsive touch input; lacking higher-end multimedia features like Blu-ray and wall mounting; TV tuners are lame
  • No Blu-ray drive; bland design versus other top-tier all-in-ones; remote requires external receiver
  • Really Could Use Bluray And External HDMI Input, Touchscreen Display Has Input Lag, Lots of Trialware