Editors Liked

  • Silent, Displayport, Flawless playing HD material
  • Price, Size, Features, New Display Port Connector, Eyenfinity, Bluray Playback, Quiet (even with the fan version), Cross Fire Support, Direct X 11
  • Modern feature set, Extremely low power consumption, Aggressive power modulation of GPU and RAM, Best video quality currently available, HDMI, VGA and DVI interfaces on single slot, Cool, silent operation, Truly awesome looks, Very low heat generation
  • Low price; passively cooled, half-height board means models will be available to fit slim PC cases; low power requirements

Editors Didn't Like

  • Performance, PriceFind more videocard reviews at testseek.com
  • Not quite powerful compared to its predecessor
  • Really, None; for its Price it Surpassed my Expectations by a Longshot
  • Highend gaming titles are almost impossible to play, AIB partners will probably mess with the good looks
  • Metal cooler is large; limited gaming performance in current games