Reviewers Liked

  • Low operational temperatures, Quiet Operation, Dual Display Ports, Voltage Tweak
  • Good performance, great design, wide array of ports, supports HDMI 1.4a for BluRay 3D, good software bundle
  • Slight factory overclock, Aluminum cover, Great CrossFire performance
  • Good performance, Factory overclocked, 3 year warranty, Low power consumption, SmartDoctor, Fan adjustment in the software, Plenty of output options
  • Solid performance for a card in this price range, Cooling fan never got loud during testing, Overclocked with minimal effort, Great combo of connections for most basic uses and for an Eyefinity setup, Energy efficient, Competitively priced, Matches up wel

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Low Memory
  • Fan gets noisy above 50% speed, expensive
  • Low overclocking capacity
  • Fan is loud under load
  • Ran warmer than an HD5870 and an HD5850 during testing, Tiny factory overclock on the GPU seems more like a gimmick, but extra speed is never a bad thing, Not ASUS's fault, but new naming structure is confusing