ECS Elitegroup GeForce GT 240 512MB GDDR5 PCIe NGT240-512QI-F




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Expert reviews and ratings

By Hardware Secrets on

Against Radeon HD 5570, GeForce GT 240 is a no-brainer. From the six games and simulations we ran, GeForce GT 240 was better than Radeon HD 5570 in four of them. If the difference was small, we could say that they are “equal competitors”,...

By Overclockers Club on

Performance for the ECS GT 240 NGT240-512QI-F was decent and fell between the ATI 4670 and 4770. Depending on the games and activities of the user, either the 4770 or GT 240 would be a smart decision; in most of the games the 4770 came ahead, however...

By Legit Reviews on

The ECS GeForce GT 240 provides a surprisingly good amount of gaming performance for under $100. With the terrific Arctic Cooling heat sink, this could be just the card your looking for in your next HTPC....

By Phoronix on

At this point we are unable to draw any real conclusions about the GeForce GT 240 or this specific ECS NGT240-512QI-F graphics card. This is because of the performance issues we encountered with the GeForce GT 240 running slower than the GeForce GT...

By Pureoverclock on

The ECS GeForce GT 240 is a budget gaming card, lower on the performance ladder than the newly-released Radeon 5670 in what is probably its closest competitor. The GT 240 certainly targeted at the occasional gamer who is bound to play at 1280...

By on

ECS has taken the reference clocked GT240 from NVIDIA and added a special cooler from Arctic Cooling’s arsenal to provide excellent cooling for the graphics chip. The card retails for under $100, making a competitor to ATI’s HD 4xxx generation...

International Review By HardwareMX on

Después de esta revisión comparativa y de haber jugado algunas buenas horas con esta tarjeta, se concluye que la tarjeta es más de lo que se esperaría dentro de su rango y el tipo de público al que va dirigida, muestra un...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

Contra a Radeon HD 5570, a GeForce GT 240 é indiscutível. Dos seis jogos e simulações que rodamos, a GeForce GT 240 foi melhor do que a Radeon HD 5570 em quatro deles. Se a diferença fosse pequena, nós poderíamos dizer...

International Review By CHW on

Si bien no estamos ante la tarjeta que te hará brillar los ojos y correr a gastar tu dinero en ella, tenemos de seguro una tarjeta que a más de alguno le podrá satisfacer debido que no todos quieren jugar lo último de lo último...

International Review By Au-Ja on

Die ECS NGT240-512QI-F ist hierzulande eine selten anzutreffende Grafikkarte. Seit Jahresanfang haben wir immer wieder in Preisvergleichen nach diesem Modell gesucht, doch fündig wurden wir leider nicht. Bleibt nur...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Bien, terminamos este segundo análisis de esta curiosa nueva generación de tarjetas gráficas de NVIDIA que entendemos que formará parte de la gama baja de la oferta de la compañía cuando llegue el famoso chip Fermi. El...