Reviewers Liked

  • Very quiet fans under heavilyloaded operation, 1600 GPU cores at 950 MHz, Great performance for highend games, Outperforms stock Radeon HD 5870 versions, Adds DisplayPort monitor interface, Native HDMI 1.3b uncompressed audio and video output, Eyefi
  • Factory OC, Good Performance, DX11, Dual Inclined Fans, Voltage Adjustment, Voltage Measurement Point, Gauntlet Core Sorting, Samsung/Hynix Tier one memory, OC Guru Software

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Overpriced premiumlevel product, Consumes 38W at idle and 269W under full load, Heated air is exhausted back into case, Lacks free bundled DX11 video game
  • Not the top performing single core GPU