Reviewers Liked

  • Triple Over Voltage feature offers a good solution for overclockers
  • Incredibly effective cooling system
  • Improved power supply design
  • Best monitoring and control S/W bundle
  • Excellent overclocking headroom
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • 1000 MHz GDDR5 overclocks better than 1250 MHz parts
  • Voltage monitoring headers on the card
  • Quiet

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No DisplayPort
  • Imagine what this card could do with binned GPUs
  • Why not go for the 1250 MHz memory that's readily available
  • Almost all heat from the card is pushed into the case
  • Voltage adjustments don't show actual values in Afterburner
  • 1 GB VRAM does not make a substantial difference over 768 MB
  • Memory chips and VRM area not directly cooled
  • DirectX 11 relevance very limited