Reviewers Liked

  • Build Quality (Metal Housings / Flexible Silicone Neckband), Audio Reproduction / Sound Stage (Very Good Bass with Good Mids / Highs), Noise Cancelling Microphone (ENC), Available Controls, Wired &Wireless Use (Battery Power Required), Battery Life (Up to
  • Very fun, energetic sound with a well-controlled bass, Sturdy build quality and good looks, Comfortable to wear, Fast battery charging, Intuitive controls, Wired connectivity (although not usable with no battery)
  • Comfortable design, ANC for cheap, Can be used in wired mode, Musical sound signature

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Design / Size (For Some), Limited Codec Support (SBC/AAC)
  • Door hiding the USB-C charging port feels flimsy, No aptX, aptX, or LDAC Bluetooth codec support
  • ANC could've been more aggressive, Highs don't sound as good, Photos by Raj Rout, ShareTweetShare