Reviewers Liked

  • Lovely design and ergonomics, Excellent sound insulation from external sounds, Support for 7.1 surround sound, RGB backlight, Flat cable and a handy remote control
  • Price, RBG Lighting, Aluminum Frame, Suspension Headband, Sound is GREAT, Deep Bass, Comfortable
  • Versatility, Immersive Game Play, Self Adjusting Head Strap, Rich Deep Sound, Stereo 2.0, Virtual 7.1, 44mm Driver, Bass FX, RGB
  • Dynamic range and immersive sound, Light and sturdy construction, Bass FX, RGB lighting, Built-in EQ
  • ● Audio quality, ● Comfortable padding, ● In-line options

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • MASTERPULSE PRO 7.1, Poor implementation of the microphone, The lack of detailed settings, There is no mobility headset
  • Placement of the sound card. (being very critical of placement as I would have liked to see the card incorporated into the headset but the sound card being on the cord never really got in the way)
  • Exposed Metallic Cable, Ear Cup Small, No Boom Microphone
  • Poor microphone performance, Limited connectivity options (USB only), Virtual 7.1 surround doesn't work
  • ● Microphone quality, ● Audio bleeds through and the microphone picks it up, ● No adapter for mobile or console usage