Reviewers Liked

  • Warm, relaxed sound, Super comfortable, High sensitivity, Solid construction
  • VERY good sound; very light and comfortable; easy to wear for extended periods without significant fatigue
  • Top-notch audio performance. Comfortable over long listening sessions. Fold flat for easy packing. Extension cable and jack adapter included
  • Great sound, extremely comfortable, affordable, comes with accessories, has both bass and clarity – something a lot of headphones miss

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Bass may be a little heavy for some listeners
  • Cable hard-wired to headphones; Denon cheaped out on the bag; no detachable cable; no in-line microphone; plastic may turn some people off
  • Enhanced bass response may turn off audiophiles seeking flat response. Comes with pouch rather than case. Hardwired cable
  • A tad too plasticky for our liking