Reviewers Liked

  • Customizable headbands and multiple cables and control features make these headphones fun to use and wear
  • Balanced, engaging sound, Excellent tonality, Soft, luxurious feel, Solid build quality, Considerate stock of accessories included
  • Unique Concept that features interchangeable headbands, excellent sound quality that serves up rich mids and crisp highs, good build quality, a design that will appeal to everyone, The
  • Strong bass response. Doesn't distort even at top volumes. Not only is the cable removable, but the headphones come with three cables total. Works with iPhones and most other mobile phones

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The sound quality is subpar and lacks real texture
  • Noise canceling not as strong as competition, No ¼inch (TRS) adapter included, Some may feel clamping force is excessive, Slightly heavy
  • Gets heavy after wearing for a while, low end could be a bit stronger, and headband prices should be a bit lower if Monster wants the concept to catch on
  • Exaggerated highs and lows won't appeal to audiophiles seeking flat response. Removable headband and overall design is not for everyone