Editors Liked

  • Remarkably comfortable, Solid construction and engineering, Clean midrange with good detail retrieval and soundstage depth, Excellent travel case and collection of accessories
  • Powerful audio performance with deep bass and no distortion at top volumes. Active and passive noise cancellation. Quite comfortable. Detachable cable, plethora of adapters add value. On-ear Apple remote control and microphone for iOS devices, phone calls
  • Absolutely superb audio performance, Effective active noise cancellation and passive isolation, Extremely comfortable for long hauls

Editors Didn't Like

  • If the battery dies, so does the music, Poor noise isolation, average noise cancelling, Expensive, Bass is taut but not necessarily meaty
  • Doesn't output audio in passive mode. Noise cancellation adds audible hiss. Uses AAA batteries rather than a rechargeable option
  • Onear controls are nifty but require a bit of practice, Won't work at all without the noise cancellation, or without batteries