Reviewers Liked

  • Comfortable, Noise canceling works well, Battery feels like it lasts forever, Removable headphone cable, ControlTalk with microphone, MicroUSB charging, Works without battery, Nice packaging, Included carrying case, The
  • Clean and balanced upper register, Smooth, full bass, Deep stereo image, Durable, travelready design
  • Powerful audio with serious deep bass response. Comfortable fit. Passively reduces ambient noise. DJ-oriented design with flip-away ear cups. Ships with two cables, one with inline microphone and remote
  • Great buildquality, Two types of included cords, Cords plug into either ear cup, Great sound
  • Very comfortable ; Convenient removable cable with mic; Carry bag included;
  • Solid sound quality, Mostly comfortable fit, Even in blue, they look pretty slick

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Noise isolation isn't great without ANC on, No autoshutoff for noise canceling, Mostly plastic build
  • Lack of detail in instrumental timbres, Punchy midrange gets a bit bright at times
  • Overpriced. Highly sculpted frequency response not for purists. Ear cups don't flip away from ears as quickly as typical DJ models
  • Pricey, After using for a period of time, the ear cups hurt my ears a bit
  • Inline controller doesn't change volume; Not much noise blockage
  • Everyone around you can hear your music, Not great for talking on the phone, That price tag is ridic