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By avforums.com on 90

When I reviewed Sony's ZX1 Walkman a few months ago, I received an impressive demonstration of what the state of play in portable audio is. The Sony has a headphone amp that has been designed to sound as good as it can and not because it needs to be...

By gadgetynews.com on

RAM price drop means bargain PC memory upgradesOppo was kind enough to send over the HA-2 portable DAC headphone amp along with the quite lovely PM-3 headphones. Is there any need for an amp to be plugged in to your phone or laptop? Does the HA-2 make...

By Enjoy the Music on

It is no secret that i was into headphones since the ripe ol' age of 6. That was my very first exposure to Koss' creation and thus began nearly five decades of this continuing journey. During my youth, one of my jobs was at a top-shelf portable audio...

By Headfonia on

I don't get why Oppo went with leather, or white stitching — to what are they stitching that leather anyway? –, and coordinating the correct input switch with an input device isn't all that easy, especially when inputs span both the front and rear of the...

International Review By Alpha-Audio on 80

Onder aan de streep verhoogt u met beide apparaten de geluidskwaliteit van uw mobiele telefoon of tablet aanzienlijk. De Companion One is een stap verfijnder dan de Oppo HA-2. Maar dat mag ook wel, want hij is bijna twee keer zo duur. Aan u om te kijken...

International Review By fwdmagazine.be on 90

De HA-2 is een prima - zij het niet goedkope - manier om het geluid van je mobiel toestel beter te maken en het mogelijk te maken om onderweg een betere hoofdtelefoon te gebruiken. Het is licht maar steekt toch stevig in elkaar, oog mooi, en levert een...

International Review By dgl.ru on

Бескомпромиссное качество стало возможным даже в...

International Review By genk.vn on

Vào tháng 10/2014, sau sự ra mắt đón nhận được nhiều sự quan tâm từ cộng đồng người chơi âm thanh trên toàn thế giới với hai chiếc tai nghe cao cấp PM1, PM2 và mẫu desktop amplifier dành cho tai nghe mang tên HA1, Oppo Digital đã tiếp tục giới thiệu hai...

International Review By 4pda.ru on

Да, это устройство позволяет значительно улучшить звучание смартфонов — даже iPhone. И что удивительно, положительный эффект может быть достигнут с недорогими наушниками – при условии, конечно, что их разработчики не пытались «улучшить» их звучание,...