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I hadn't heard of Syllable before, but they appear very prominent on Amazon. They wanted to send us their A6 Necklace headset, with a very unique design I was interetsed in testing these out and seeing if they are good as they look.I was actually really...

By on 88

The sound of these earbuds was surprisingly good. Considering the Syllable A6 Bluetooth earbuds cost less than $4, the sound quality and features easily outperform the price tag. These aren't reference style earbuds for enthusiasts, but the music that...

By on

The Syllable A6 Bluetooth headset is a pretty good choice if you are in the market of affordable (under $22) sports earphones.  I love the design of the headset and the fact that it is very light, and it is really comfortable to wear. Also, the sound...

By CoolSmartphone on

Headphones you say? Without a cable that'll get snagged in my coat / zip / neck? Yes, I'll have a look at that thanks.These, unsurprisingly, are headphones with Bluetooth built in. Getting them paired up with your phone is the first step, but before we...

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The headphone market is one which is bulging right now with an abundance of options available. A clear trend which is developing from the options available, is the use of Bluetooth technology. A trend which is understandable, as Bluetooth connectivity...

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When I first saw the A6 headphones I was struck by the attempt to take an old idea and update it with a modern twist. Necklace mounted MP3 players and phones were very popular for a period of time but as we all switched to smartphones became less...