Editors Liked

  • Comes with 3D glasses, good budget gaming laptop
  • Price
  • Good value, 3D LCD panel works well on some content
  • Attractive design, Fun 3D screen for movies and mainstream games, Above-average graphics performance, Loud and clear speakers
  • TriDef's 3D screen delivered a worthwhile 3D experience. Speedy despite using a budget processor. Discrete graphics. Plenty of USB ports. Inexpensive

Editors Didn't Like

  • Cannot compete with Nvidia 3D Vision desktop gaming comptuer
  • Bulky, Bad battery life
  • Poor battery life, Touchpad button feels a little cheap
  • Weight
  • Struggles with the most demanding games, Hard to find 3D-enabled apps, Below-average battery life, Limited tech support hours
  • Adding 3D depth to videos is a work in progress. Plain design