Reviewers Liked

  • Markedly improved graphics performance and battery life; solid build quality; USB 3.0 ports; 5.1 surround-sound Klipsch speakers
  • Very Good performance, Solid Build Quality, Good balance between portability and power, Respectable battery life, Good number and variety of ports, Ease of upgradability, Highly customizable options, such as personalized, laseretched name plate
  • Good overall performance; Optimus auto-switching graphics; Sandy Bridge technology; solid build quality; long battery life
  • Bestinclass gaming performance, Fantastic battery life, LEDbacklit keyboard, Durable build quality

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Chunky chassis; lack of optical drive can be frustrating when installing games
  • System tends to heat up to quite an extent, Could have used a better screen, Speaker audio output could have been better, The Alienware look is getting old
  • No optical drive; bulky; no Bluetooth radio
  • Heavy for an 11inch laptop, Cooling fan sounds like a hair dryer, Lackluster screen and no alternative screen options, Expensive compared to previous version