Reviewers Liked

  • Strong Battery Life, Improved Performance Thanks To DualCore Atom Processor, Attractive Design
  • Seashell design, Matte screen, Global warranty, Free online storage, Quickboot OS
  • Dual-core processor; sturdy keyboard; decent price-performance ratio
  • Exceptional battery life; sleek design; Express Gate quick boot
  • Small, lightweight, portable design, Dualcore CPU & good performance, Long battery life, USB 3.0 option available
  • Long battery life; dual-core Atom processor offers better multitasking speeds; cost for a dual-core Atom configuration isn't much more than for the single-core alternative
  • Dual-core Atom. Seashell design is slim and attractive. Affordable. Big battery included. Superb battery life. Lightweight
  • Improved performance over single-core netbooks, Large, responsive touchpad, Matte screen offers vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, All USB ports charge gadgets when netbook is asleep or off, Long battery life

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • DaulCore Processor Still Lacks High Definition Streaming Capabilities, Still Uses Single Trackpad Button Bar
  • Dualcore Atom offers no performance boost, Disappointing battery life
  • Finicky touch pad; low 3D scores; video streaming stutters
  • No significant performance bump over single-core Netbooks; keyboard could be better
  • Undersized keyboard, Slightly lower resolution display
  • Cramped keyboard; streaming full-screen videos don't look much better than on single-core Atom Netbooks; lacks HD screen and HD accelerated graphics
  • Some keys are small, Trouble streaming 720p online video