Reviewers Liked

  • Thin and lightweight design, Great display, Reliable keyboard and trackpad, Smooth performance
  • Great aluminum build, Very small footprint, Great touchscreen with complimentary ASUS Pen, A punchy screen which is very color accurate when paired with the Gaming and Web design profile (AUO B133HAN05.C (AUO5C2D)), 12 hours of battery life during browsin

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Battery life could've been better, Scores low on I/O aspects and misses out on Thunderbolt support too, Photos by Raj Rout, ShareTweetShare
  • The CPU throttles under heavy usage, Poor palm rejection of the touchscreen, when using the ASUS Pen, Forces you to use a dongle, due to the lack of USB Type-A ports (only with the “World Facing” camera edition, No Thunderbolt support, No Type-C charging