Reviewers Liked

  • More affordably priced than its competitors, Nvidia Optimus technology conserves battery life, at least in theory, Removable battery
  • Pound for pound, possibly the most powerful gaming laptop you can buy. Covers the basics, with futureproof specs to keep your game going for the next few years, no upgrades required
  • Lightweight and portable; Excellent graphics and performance; Free of bloatware; Rubberized lid and deck; Huge number of configuration options

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Drab design, Battery life is relatively short, Rubbery trackpad can be frustrating, Outperformed by others in its class
  • Monster battery pack provides minimal battery life (2 to 3 hours, max). Thick, with uninspired styling. Lowresolution screen will have gamers kvetching. Lousy keyboard
  • Runs hot; Dim display; Short battery life; Cramped keyboard