Reviewers Liked

  • ✓Excellent build and design, ✓Good backlit keyboard, ✓Large precision trackpad, ✓Easyaccess bay for an SSD, ✓Fully laminated FHD display, ✓Decent battery life, ✓Plays nice with Linux, ✓Very good value
  • Decent overall performance, 1080p screen, Aluminum design
  • Silent operation, no coil whine, affordable, craftsmanship and materials are impressive given the price

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • ✕No USBC port, ✕Reflective display could be brighter at maximum, ✕New Gemini Lake SoC still rather puny, ✕Speakers are poor, ✕Has to be bought from China
  • Disruptively stiff touchpad, Dim display output, Mediocre battery life
  • The dark display makes outdoors use difficult, visible backlight bleed, low PWM frequency at 20%, no USB Type-C, weak speakers