Editors Liked

  • Loaded with good hardware, Fine performance, Includes two USB 3,0 ports, WiMAX support
  • Intel Core i3-2310M processor, Blu-ray drive, Features like USB 3,0, WiDi 2,0, and Bluetooth
  • Intel Core i5 CPU, Two USB 3,0 ports, Full feature set
  • Exchangeable display lid, Many different designs, Good workmanship, Good speakers, Adequate office and multimedia performance, Good battery runtimes
  • Attractive design, Nice keyboard and touchpad, Reasonably good performance

Editors Didn't Like

  • Other similarly priced laptops are more powerful, Some bloatware preinstalled
  • Average screen doesn't take advantage of Blu-ray drive, Bloatware, Mouse buttons are stiff, Glossy finish smudges easily, Awkward port placement
  • Awkward port placement, Stiff mouse buttons, Limited gaming capability
  • Spongy keyboard
  • No 1080p display option, No backlit keyboard option, Durability is only adequate