Reviewers Liked

  • Robust wireless feature set includes WiDi 2,0, WiMAX 4G, and Bluetooth, Large hard drive, Core i7 processing power
  • Rich feature set includes USB 3,0, WiMAX, WiDi 2,0, and Bluetooth, Spacious, speedy 750GB hard drive, Intel Core i5-2410M processor provides power for productivity and entertainment
  • Bright, vibrant display, Can swap out lids, Good gaming performance, Very good speakers, Impressive battery life, Blu-ray drive
  • Huge battery, long battery life, Nice design, WiDi2, Minimal bloatware, Some 3D graphics performance, Automatic graphics switching technology, Bluetooth,USB 3,0, SWITCH lids
  • Fair value for money ratio, Good battery runtimes, Moderate emissions, Good workmanship, Large touchpad, Nvidia Optimus

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Low-res display, No Blu-ray drive, Integrated graphics
  • No 1080p, No Blu-ray, Integrated graphics limit gaming capability, Short battery-life
  • Lid is fingerprint magnet, Long boot time
  • No 1080p HD resolution, Slow 5,400rpm hard drive
  • No ExpressCard and FireWire, CPU throttling during full load, Sensitive surfaces, Fast Ethernet LAN only, Clattery keyboard, Mediocre display