Editors Liked

  • High brightness, Good color representation out of the factory, Display calibrates very well, High resolution, High-quality case
  • Gorgeous display, Excellent build quality, Good touchpad, High performance, Good battery life
  • Incredibly powerful foundation, Gorgeous QHD+ display, Discrete GPU capable of gaming, Looks professional, Decent battery life, Backlit keyboard
  • Spectacular 3,200x1,800 touch screen, 802.11ac wireless, Premium look and feel, Priced under Retina MacBook Pro
  • Resolution is 3,200 by 1,800 (QHD+). Quad-core CPU, mid-tier enthusiast GPU. Has 802.11ac & Bluetooth 4.0. Comes with 12 months of McAfee LiveSafe. Premium look and materials
  • High-end materials, Sturdy chassis and superb build quality, Upgradable by the user, High display brightness and contrast, Very sharp picture, Very high performance, Good battery life
  • Super sharp display, Comfortable soft-touch dek, Good battery life, Impressive audio, Fast overall performance
  • The Dell XPS 15 has a better-than-HD display, decent casual-gaming chops, and a slim, lightweight 15-inch body

Editors Didn't Like

  • Possible scaling problems, Heats up under load, Reflective display, Higher energy consumption compared to predecessor
  • Keyboard layout needs improvement, Gets warm under heavy workloads
  • Pricey (as configured)
  • No Thunderbolt or Ethernet, Lackluster battery life
  • Reflective screen. No built-in Ethernet. Some UI elements can be tiny. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports are both black
  • Frequent rendering issues due to the high resolution under Windows, Highly reflective display, High temperatures under load, Expensive
  • Runs warm, Webcam doesn't impress, Keyboard not evenly backlit
  • Painfully expensive for a boring design and midlevel graphics, and going SSD-only drives the price up even more. Battery life falls short for an ultrabook-style system