Gigabyte Booktop T1125N



Gigabyte Booktop T1125N

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While it's clear that Gigabyte intends the T1125N to be a premium product by including a docking station, discrete graphics, and USB 3.0, it's hard to justify the current starting price of $1,099. With its cramped keyboard, inability to auto...

By LaptopMag on

The concept is successful. A PC-complete package runs into the German harbors for a bit less than 1000 euros with the Booktop T1125N. It still is a unique solution for avoiding secondary or tertiary PC in this price range. Users have a flexible device...

By NotebookCheck on

The T1125N is a very interesting device, as it offers both a desktop and tablet experience. More, it comes with a docking station and a DVD drive, covering basically many of the needs of the modern user. The hardware is not bad either, even if instead...

By on

Gigabyte es una compañía ambiciosa. Sus tarjetas gráficas y, sobre todo, sus placas base, le han permitido ganarse una estupenda reputación en nuestro país, pero los ingenieros de esta firma son capaces de poner a punto muchos...

International Review By on

Das Gigabyte Booktop T1125 ist eine aberwitzige Kreuzung zwischen Netbook und Tablet. Sieht man von dem Bildschirm-Mechanismus ab, bleibt ein solides Gerät, das sowohl für den Heimbereich als auch das Büro...

International Review By Betabuzz on