Editors Liked

  • Sylish, magnesiumalloy frame; excellent LED display; jetfast benchmark performance
  • Attractive, bright display, big touch pad
  • Modern design, slick, large touch pad, good display
  • Excellent Albeit Glossy Display, Strong Performance, Attrative Metal Design
  • Looks and solid performance ... what's not to like? Textured palmrest pattern evokes Death Star motif ... like a million voices crying out in unison, then suddenly silenced
  • Extra-bright 13-inch screen; solid metal construction; excellent performance; switchable graphics; slim battery slice pushes runtime past 8 hours
  • Classy design, Brightest screen in its class, Excellent performance, Switchable graphics, Superb audio quality through headphones
  • Phenomenal battery life with both batteries. Extended slice fits flush with the system's base. Metallic design is gorgeous and customizable. Media-centric resolution. Up to 5GB of memory. Very bright screen. Nice typing experience
  • Slick, modern design; big touch pad; bright display; premium support services

Editors Didn't Like

  • Expensive; mediocre battery life; no optical drive
  • Expensive, heavy, keyboard doesn’t have backlighting, connections and ports are limited
  • Expensive, bulky, keyboard is not backlit, connections and ports are limited
  • Few Peripheral Expansion Ports, Expensive, Battery Life Falls Short Of Similar Laptops
  • Only two USB ports. Bright screen, but hardly an "unparalleled viewing experience." Chiclet keyboard awkward at first. Middling battery life (2 hours, 10 minutes). Undersized arrow keys. Higher price than Cypress Hill concert
  • No onboard optical drive; VGA and LAN ports require external dongles; so-so Webcam and speaker quality; keyboard is not backlit
  • Temperamental touchpad, Unimpressive speakers, Mediocre battery life (without slice), Expensive
  • Pricey. No illuminated keyboard option. ExpressCard slot would be nice. Only two USB ports
  • Very expensive; heavier than it looks; no backlit keyboard; limited ports and connections